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NFT Sale is Live!

Buy an NFT before June 24th to get an $FGL token airdrop!
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Outlaw Troopers

Outlaw Troopers is a sci-fi themed sandbox game combining strategic empire simulation with single-player and multi-player real-time combat. Players will have to send out Troopers to seek for valuable treasure and currency while trying to grow their empire.


Earn and win valuable prizes while your Reputation rises through the ranks. Originally launched on the WAX blockchain in 2022, Outlaw Troopers is expanding to more blockchains and growing the community.

Outlaw Troopers is based on Seasons, every season all empire levels, Virtual Resources, etc will reset and the competition will begin anew!


Rank high in leaderboards

to win NFTs


Master the encounters for maximum resources


Play the black market to earn extra FGL


Create the largest empire


Master the NFT Marketplace


Purchase a Space Station and earn passive FGL tokens


Collect limited Troopers + Decks and rent them to other players


Master the Abyss

Sandbox Play - Multiple Paths to Victory

Get started now by picking up a starter deck 

Basic Starter Deck

Rarity : Common

Basic Booster Deck

Rarity : Common

Advanced Starter Deck

Rarity : Rare

Advanced Booster Deck

Rarity: Rare

Elite Starter Deck

Rarity : Epic

Legendary Trooper Deck

Rarity : Legendary

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