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A grizzled, short, and jaded mystery of a man. Legend has it that his father was the supreme leader of a distant planet. He never takes no for an answer and is afraid of nothing. He became an outlaw trooper to search for new planets where he can start his very own empire.

Don’t let her calm and gentle appearance fool you. No one knows her real name, but Patch is one tough trooper. She lost her right eye in the galactic battle between Empyrea and Themis. Ever since she has been traveling from galaxy to galaxy looking for a Doctor who can perform replacement eye surgery.

A survivor from the siege of Strov, Wormfoil might be the only one left of his kind. A jack-of-all-trades he needs very little help from others. These days his primary goal is scanning dwarf galaxies in search of jademite or petalite as both are highly valuable commodities.

C7-TKZ has recently escaped the tyranical region of Floerian. No one is quite sure what he actually looks like behind his helmet, but all signs point to a human like existence. His mission is simple; gather as many people as possible who are willing to help fight to bring freedom back to everyone on his planet.

Avalon might be the only outlaw who isn’t actually an outlaw. She left her home galaxy of Messier 81 many years ago in search of an extremely rare medicine for her mother. So far she has not had any success, but she has not given up hope yet.

Frost Sword was kicked from the Blue Ice Planetary region for smuggling in fireworks and other explosives that produce vast amounts of heat. Sick of being cold and having aching fingers he was glad to explore the universe looking for warmer and possibly richer worlds. He has many skills and is a well rounded outlaw.

Winshire appears to be from another era. He frequently mentions things that make no sense to anyone else. He is however fearless and very strong for what appears to be a man of very old age. Reasons for his outlaw existence are unknown.

One third bird, one third ghost, and one third cowboy, Phantom is impossible to predict. He randomly disappears for great lenghts of time, but when he decides to fight he is a force to be reckoned with. Some say he is from the blue smoke region, but few dare talk about this area anymore.

Lady Silksand hails from one of the most resource rich planets in the entire universe. However, after the great Antilia War, the entire constellation was under siege from neighboring galaxies. Lady Silksand ventured out looking for more peaceful planets to call home.

Chief Oculus has a number of genetic mutations and surgical upgrades. He is capable of completing vast amounts of work in a short period of time. He’s loud, rude, and knows very few will attempt to cross his path.

No one is sure what this creature is exactly, but other outlaws call him Starfall. Starfall never makes a sound – only points. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Starfall has never lost a battle. Origins, age, and motives are unknown. Starfall seems to have what can only be described as some sort of magical powers.

Fireshot has been through more wars than he can remember. One thing everyone knows; he is extremely versatile and is feared by many. Rumor has it that his bones are actually forged from iron. Previously he was hired to perform assassinations across the Cassiopeia and Peg


Green - Grunt Gear

Focuses on missions, gives you various bonuses while your trooper is on a mission


Blue - Tactician Gear

Gives your ship passive upgrades to use during encounters


Red - Power Gear

Gives your ship special abilities to use during encounters

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